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Thread: Age you started pooning?

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    Age you started pooning?

    Just wondering at what age you all started visiting SPs?

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    started when i was 18

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    Dec 2004
    I was 21, and the first time I was totally taken for a ride. She took me for every red cent that I had. Think I paid $$.5 for a topless hj at the Den.

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    56! They can teach an old dog new tricks.

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    First time 18, then not until I was 47.

    Women turn me on, not Viagra!!!!

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    20. and many more.

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    was 33, a nice little spinner paid $ for 1hr fs it was awesome!!! think she quit the biz though!

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    First SP

    I was 38... and loved it. ;-)

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    Waaay too goddamn late.

    Should have started with my first paycheque...

    Oh well, live and learn I suppose...
    Fear rules all!

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    Age for my first SP

    I was nineteen and she was nineteen. It was interesting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovchef View Post
    was 33, a nice little spinner paid $ for 1hr fs it was awesome!!! think she quit the biz though!
    let's hope so considering you're now 65

    I was 43 when I first pooned.

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    You mine as well poon young before you get married and tied up...LOL!!! Now a days you have to spend so much money just to get laid. For example, you meet girls in the clubs and before you know it you spent at least $500 or more before you get into their pants...LOL!! Going out is not cheap these days...dinner/movie/drinks..etc!!! Pooning you get such a large variety and no string attached and sp's knows how to suck and fuck....LOL!!! Getting your gf to do some of the stuff sp's do is like pulling teeth...LOL!!!

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    I was about 17

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    I am here.
    I picked up an SW in Paris when I was 25. I did not pay to play again until I was in my late 40s, following a divorce and rough personal time.
    Happy Pooning
    Feenix (aka A Nonny Mouse)

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