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Thread: bring your own condom?

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    bring your own condom?

    I am a newbie here, but I can't find any posts on this topic.
    I recently visited my third fs provider. The first time, I had a condom in my pocket, but when I entered her bedroom, there were 2 or 3 waiting in a candy bowl on the nightstand.
    My second time, I didn't see any, so I put out one that I had brought. This lady seemed a little suprised that I had brought my own. Not a big deal, I just got the impression that it wasn't expected. My third time, I had some in the car, but didn't remember them until I was on the way up the elevator. I thought she would be prepared, and that if she wasn't, maybe I shouldn't be doing anything anyways. When it came time for the main event, I asked if she had a condom, and she had to jump up and scramble around looking for one. This was a little uncomfortable, as I had aready been made aware that I was almost out of time. I haven't yet developed an good internal clock for these situations. My overall impression was that she is relatively new to the business, so this was likely an oversite on her part. Fortunately, things ended well anyways, and I am happy with the experience. But I'm interested in any comments from pooners and/or providers about my assumptions.
    On a related note about assumptions, this lady's add did not actually specify fs, but included msog along with several other acronyms. I am correct that in the escort section, fs is generally assumed unless otherwise specified? And is not specifically offered for legal reasons?

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    I think condoms should always be provided. If you're married I wouldn't carry them in your car

    Some girls don't like to post specific acts - not sure what each girls reasons are for that. Maybe you could tell us which girls you visited and what your experience was otherwise this is not a review and should be posted in the 411 section.

    Welcome to the board.

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    I have never seen an SP or MP who adds extras not have condoms, usually in bulk, but I do respect taking one with you just in case.

    A lot of SPs are being more careful with their descriptions on CL lately as they can get into trouble. It's not illegal to do what they do, but if they are not legal in the country they can be deported whether legal acts are done or not. Considering the number of Asians on CL, I bet most are not allowed to work...

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    yepper if she dont have one trhat just mines get the fuck away form that one or just jack off in her eyes

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    i usually have some with me just in case and had to actually use them on one occasion

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    Stay Stocked JIC

    I bring condoms to any situation that I think will involve getting some.
    Particularly because I have a brand that I like. Some SPs, as Missy mentioned, might not be ok with this for obvious reasons, but I have used my supply on some occasions with no concern.
    I think that SP clients could be just as skeptical using condoms if there is any question of reputation, i.e. TOFTT due to no reviews.
    Shitty condoms suck too. Forgive the pun.
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