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Thread: Arianna Royale - back and....

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    Arianna Royale - back and....

    Didn't know where to post this -
    After months of silence - she's back and posting on c.e.r.f. 6 months prego...

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    Yes, she has been posting on CL for a while now.

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    Did she indicate she was doing BBBJs (or are you referring to pregnant escorts in general)? The ad on the other board says non-GFE in one spot and safe GFE in another, so I think that BBBJs would not be on the menu...

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    I don't know about the rest of you, but myself personally I have NO interest in fucking a pregnant sp. I mean if you know her and like her maybe go for a BJ or something, I don't agree with a pregnant sp doing BBJ's, oh well, my 2 cents. DT
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    to my recollection, she never did bbbj's. main reason i never saw her.

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    When I saw Adrianna a while ago it was CBJ only...
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