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Thread: Kasha @ Revive

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    Post Kasha @ Revive

    This is the most conflicting review i have ever had to make, went in for a session recently with Kasha @ Revive, I was in the area and stopped by to see who was working. I was introduced to Kasha and decided to stay for a GFE session @ $$$, standard FS was offered @ $$.6. She has a very nice, professional attitude.

    We never really clicked during the massage, but FS was decent, CBJ + reversal bc gfe, she didn't seem really into but she's got a cute little body and eraser hard nipples and some nice titties. Not memorable, would I repeat, def no. Heres the strangest god damned thing... I ask to take her doggy to start, she says no, i say ok, whatever, what can we do. she says you on top or me on top. I say ok you on top, so she climbs on board cowgirl and kind of covers up her pussy with her hand, by grabbing around my dick, if that makes any sense, i am like wtf... so in my head im saying ur covering the good parts and i'm only 1/2 way in and i am not little but i am not huge... So i say ok, lets try me on top, and the same thing, so i say, what are you doing? she replies that shes making sure the condom doesn't slip off. well i say lets try some reverse cowgirl and shes doing the same action.... really fucking freaked me out thinking she was covering up a giant herpe or some shit.. like that fucking thought went through my head. i still got off, cuz you know, but anyone else got any ideas or info about this girl?
    i don't wanna smear her rep (she said she was formerly from Penthouse) and its not like its CL so I never question whether or not a girls clean but that didn't seem right...

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    From the Revive website:

    You have found yourself a really bad girl now what are you going to do about it?
    I guess the answer to that question is RUN AWAY!!
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    lol @ $$$ hj... lesson learned.

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    Reminds me of the Steve Miller song. . .

    Take the "kasha" and run . . .

    Sorry for your predicament, narco, and thanks for saving the rest of us from a potential similar situation.

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    I wish I had read these posts before meeting with Kasha. She was 1 1/2 hour late for our 3:00pm appt yesterday. I knew she was cute so wanted to meet her. Yup, turned in to a $$$. hj. Will not repeat

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    I saw Elayna a while back and found her to be absolutely minimal in her services and have refused ever since to return. After reading this, it appears that Revive has really gone downhill from its once sterling reputation.

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    i agree with you there mayday. which is surprising since Savannah and Gabby are running it now.
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    That's a shame, because her picture on CL is attractive. Thanks for TOFT. Sorry it didn't work out.
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    Thanks for the heads up, sounds like a con to me =( wish you better luck in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roark182 View Post
    Thanks for the heads up, sounds like a con to me =( wish you better luck in the future.
    Sounds like the same quirky sickening habit one of the ladies in Wpg always always did! I assume it was not a hand job, but was sex , just the hand there all the time - paranoid about the condom staying on. This lady was one of the best looking, sexiest sp's in the city, worked at Nevada's mp and worked independently for awhile. She was a looker, someone you would be proud to be seen with in public, but what a sickening thing to do while having sex. You would feel bruised in your groin area from grinding against her hand. Everything else, daty, oral was normal, just the hand there during sex. She is still working but does massage with a happy release and advertises as no sex.

    I am sure narcoleptic did not just have a hand job from Kasha, but not sure if it was any better as that hand there sure takes away the fun. He said fs was decent, but who wants to grind their groin against a bunch of knuckles! He never did say whether there was daty - prob not as then he would have seen that there was no sign of some abnormal growth that he imagined from her actions. Thanks to PERB guys will know to stay away from ladies providing inferior service.

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    I saw her when she was in Fort McMurray, before she started at Revive. Beautiful girl, but my session was similar to the OP's review. It's called cockblocking - prevents you from deep penetration. When I saw her, we did mish and she puts her legs in such a way to keep you from fully penetrating. Too bad, pretty girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mayday_malone View Post
    Seems like all the reported "cockblockers" are most likely to be new to the biz, young, very pretty.
    I think the technique is supposed to make you cum as well as protecting there pussy's from deep pen so their pussy's wont be sore for all the secks. but it's just a guess =(

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    Quote Originally Posted by mayday_malone View Post
    Here's a guess. They want your money, but don't care or want to provide the "service" .
    Go ask Kasha and find out, then we will know hahaha. =)

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    I saw Kasha too and was duped. She is attractive and I went for the GFE $$$ session, and she provided a cbj and hj.

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    Gabrielle, the one excellent SP (everyone's agreed) from Revive has moved to Supreme. In light of the poor reviews which Revive ladies keep getting, I think Gabrielle must want to keep her own reputation intact. At any rate, I am now more confirmed than ever (see previous post) never to return to Revive. It's got a great location and excellent facilities but the girls are very young and just lack the integrity to do the job properly. As I wrote, I won't even consider Revive anymore.

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