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Thread: chinese to nanaimo from van

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    chinese to nanaimo from van

    2 TOFTin a week. i am proud of myself.
    was 778-3163844
    new number for a sandy chinese woman. oh in nanaimo forgot to say visiting to where.
    same age 22, not.

    $130, beautiful face well on way to soft in the middle, flat ass.
    petite. friendly; looking to please. digits, bbbj to start.
    overly fond of lube, see that from time to time, annoying as all hell, cover and lots of lube if not for the warmth there goes all sensation of being in an sp.
    i wanted to make sure this attempt to send over sps from van's micros was encouraged, but aside from price they didn't win me over.
    the extra 30 of van's micros plus a walk on ferry ride, is still going to be my choice. besides i have a talent scout that side of the pond. fellow pooner whom started up at the same time as me,roomies in vic with a combined black book.
    history lessons not required.
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