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Thread: Sexxi Euro Girls in Surrey

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    Sexxi Euro Girls in Surrey

    Good morning all......

    Two ladies on CL 0149 in Surrey. Did several searches, nothing.

    Take a chance or not?


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    Take Chance! Xmas is a time of giving!! Been looking as well. will wait for ur intel.

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    They have a website and the one girl has been reviewed. I can't remember her name, but I think that she got good marks.

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    I think the one that got reviewed was Kelly.

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    summer is a flake, she is not even close to the pic she is advertising, she is a short chubby young girl that thinks the world owes her.
    I had seen her a few times,she was OK the first time,
    but she kept calling and texting for me to see her again and again,
    now this would be all good ,but there was absolutely no connection,so for her it was just a money grab,
    when i didn't reply she left some very nasty messages on my phone (which I still have).

    you wouldn't even notice her if she was at the mall. below average in looks,the only good thing to cum out of this was a bbbj which was pretty good,
    at 250,fs so many more out there to see.

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    Just wondering why you see her more than once if she wasn't all that. Kelly is a bit nicer, but far from the best she looked when she had been modeling. They have dropped their price to $$.2 For Surrey, I would suggest you pay the extra 4/5$ and see Monique. She's way hotter. However, I do give marks to Kelly for being sincere. She's a good person to talk to. I found Monique a bit superficial, but if it's the experience you're after, go with the pro.

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