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Thread: DEEP TISSUE, TANTRIC HOT OIL MASSAGE (scalp, G-spot)*** (Downtown)

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    DEEP TISSUE, TANTRIC HOT OIL MASSAGE (scalp, G-spot)*** (Downtown)

    Why it is important for your health to do regularly full body massage?
    When muscles are stressed, they block oxygen and nutrients. Deep tissue massage technique helps loosen muscle tissues, liberate toxins.
    Tantric massage sensual massage.
    The special room atmosphere, modern soft music and my energetic hands make you feel as if you are in a trance, where worries and problems no longer seem important, or are forgotten altogether.

    Your full body, including those particularly sensitive areas, will be gently massaged with relaxed hot oil, including the male G-SPOT or prostate gland, which is known to be the access point for the energy. One of the primary purposes of Tantric massage is awaken the energy lying at the base of the spine (sacrum), it is also awaken of the sexual energy in the body, it is relaxing and very pleasurable!

    Scalp massage relaxes the mind from stress, increases blood and oxygen flow.

    Deep tissue and tantric hot oil massage is a great way to the deepest relaxation and many health benefits.

    Session:1 hour $80.00, $120,00 1,5 hours
    Experienced female massage therapist.
    Clean, quiet, warm room in a office.
    Comfortable, adjustable massage table with headrest.
    Mobile service, only $20 more (Downtown area)
    Hours: 10 am late evening.
    Phone: xxx-xxx-5208

    Any info on this one?

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    I was looking at this too and waiting for some info...

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