I spoke to both girls by telephone today after reviewing Craigslist advertisements. I am interested in both girls and would appreciate it if anyone has any experience with either girl.

As to Tori, I have always found her attractive. She appears to be quite curvy (photo) without being buxom. Her ad is well written and she articulates extremely well. She sounded interested and striaghtforward about her services and pricing without being at all rude. She is outcall only. There was a Craigslist ad where she was included as one of the girls whom the writer would never take on a cruise. Other than that, there is no information on her yet she`s been around (according to her) about six months.

Mia runs her own private massage services (set up like an MP) from her own home near Rexall Place. She used to work at Manhattan`s Men`s Club but doesn`t like`paying the fees to someone else. I like her capitalist spirit. I also found her photos intriguing, small but curvy. She, too, appeared straightforward and she took the time to speak with, and explain things, to me. Cost was reasonable for services promised. Can anyone help out in terms of advbice based on experience. Thank you in advance and regards.