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Thread: Calgary - Saskatoon - Edmonton Dec 22-28 (Mistress T)

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    Calgary - Saskatoon - Edmonton Dec 22-28 (Mistress T)

    (Mods, I paid for advertising 4 days ago and have emailed Mark 3 times. I don't know why my name isn't in red yet...?)

    I will be taking a few appointments in Calgary for 1 day only on Dec. 22.

    I know there are quite a few gentleman who have been wanting to see me but it is simply not fair to the last couple of clients if I see too many in 1 day. Therefore I am aiming to only see 3 clients in total for extended sessions.

    Minimum $500 for a 2 hour session, longer sessions can be discussed.

    The type of activities I'm most interested in this trip are cuckolding (my lover will be with me when appropriate), sensual tease & denial (with possible hand release), foot/boot worship, face sitting, golden showers, ass play, and other things are up for discussion. I'm not really into heavy corporal these days. Role-play is strongly encouraged. I enjoy playing the strict but loving Mommy to adult Mama's boys (not baby/diaper play or enema's), bitch boss, saucy secretary, bratty school girl, kinky nurse, cruel Cuckoldress (cheating wife), etc.

    When appropriate oral worship on me and hand release on you can be a part of the fetish session but if that's all you really want a regular escort may be a better choice for you. Things that will NOT happen: no intercourse between the client and myself, no BJ's for you and you can not suck my boyfriend's cock...even if it IS covered in my sweet pussy juice! *smile*

    Does a 2 hour session on the 22nd NOT work for you? Feel free to email me anyway. I will be making a very detailed list of clients to contact in the event that I have a last minute cancellation. If you have a phone number you don't mind me calling and you can come on short notice I might be able to squeeze you in.

    Calgary OR Edmonton Dec. 28: We will decide which place based on which place shows the most interest. If you want a session on Dec. 28 in Calgary or Edmonton send an email.

    Over Xmas I will be in Saskatoon and will consider taking a session but I will not have an incall so I would need to either come to your place or you would need to rent a hotel room. I would be most keen on cuckolding sessions or sessions involving my lover for safety reasons.

    FILMING: If you think you would make a good film slave email me to discuss. The perfect film slave would quality for a free filmed session (unmasked, cuckolding/eating the cream pie).
    [email protected]
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    Mistress T -Vancouver
    "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." Mae West

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    Christmas comes early

    Miss T ,
    Looking forward to the 22nd.

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    Looking good for Edmonton on 28th...

    It's only been a couple days since the announcement but I have received some very passionate emails from some fella's in Edmonton. At this point I'm leaning toward Edmonton on the 28th so Calgary guys better book for the 22nd while there's still space!
    Mistress T -Vancouver
    "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." Mae West

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    An early Christmas

    Great news!

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    UPDATE on availability

    Calgary on the 22nd is now booked all 'day'. I will consider seeing someone in the evening between 7pm and midnight and that could be in the form of a private session, a filming session or a dinner date with or without play.

    The clients I'm seeing during the day on the 23rd are very dear clients so I strongly doubt there will be a cancellation but you are welcome to email anyway if the daytime is the only time that works for you.

    Edmonton on the 28th! Wow, I'm delightfully surprised by the interest from Edmonton. I may stay another day to fit everyone in. If the 28th didn't work for you but the 29th did, try me.

    I think Dominique still has some availability too. Scheduling can be tricky when you only have 1 day and we realize now that 1 hour appointments might have to be considered if we don't have enough time for a 2 hour appointment, in between other bookings. So if you wanted to see either one of us but 2 hours for $500 was out of your budget, feel free to inquire about 1 hour appointments. It just might work out after all!
    Mistress T -Vancouver
    "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." Mae West

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    My christmas present to my self

    To you who missed Miss T and Dominique visit to Calgary well shame on you I saw both of them on Tuesday it was a great session .
    Thankyou ladies

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