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Thread: Well....

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    Somebody had to bring it up.

    Glad they caught this one. Find all the rest and send them into the slammer where scum like this belongs.

    If anyone knows of this kinda shit going on, send in the anonymous tip. For chrissakes! This is so very very wrong!
    Fear rules all!

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    I'm expecting a crackdown on some of Vancouver's Asian Micro's before the Olympics as well.

    Human trafficking is the type of thing we need to see eliminated, for the good of this hobby/industry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exotic Non-Pro View Post
    I know that in the morning many people are going to post denying that human trafficking does not occur in Vancouver as much as what is portrayed in the media.

    The sad thing is that it does and it is not always the stereotypical asian woman. I worked with youth in which other youth were recruting them to be sex workers. These were underage impressionable girls that did not have anyone around to tell them different.

    I do whole heartedly believe in supporting the sex industry, however not when people are being coerced, forced, have no other means for survival, or are doing this to feed an addiction. Legalization should happen to more easily shut down operations that do not follow laws.

    I guess to avoid supporting traffickers you can choose to see girls that have chosen reputable advertising methods and agencies that are licensed. I doubt a massage parlour that has trafficked women will actively seek out a business license for their operations.
    Actually, the owners of Sachi Spa in Edmonton were busted for human trafficking and that place was licensed by the city. They probably figured that if they were licensed, they would appear above board and wouldn't get raided. So how do you tell when the Asian girl you're seeing who speaks exactly two words of English is here of her own volition? That's mainly why I don't go to AMP's, it's too tough to tell for sure and even if you ask, it's not like they're going to tell you the girls are sex slaves.

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