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Thread: Stacey @ Vic2Van/VIP - This girl rocks

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    Thumbs up Stacey @ Vic2Van/VIP - This girl rocks

    I managed to meet up with Stacey from Vic2van/VIP recently and what a pleasant surprise she was.

    Her profile on v2v is bang on - She is in her early 20's, with a nice tanned body and add-on's. I thought she had a pretty face and great smile. She has some piercings and tatoos, but nothing too edgy. I would have to say she is a head turner. You would definitly strain your neck if you saw her in public. In private, she will strain other parts

    For our session, it was definitely memorable and I would love to see her again. She was wearing very little at the door, and was down for fun as soon as I got out of the shower. She gives a really nice and thorough bj (covered) with special attention to bls with lots of eye contact, slurping and variety of techniques. She has a great tongue on her, and did some deep throat too - What a show! I would go back to see her just for the bj. For the main event she was very athletic and does a nice asian cowgirl, for doggie and mish she was thoughtful enough to massage my nuts which is my achilles heel every time. She is quite interactive, showing that she is having a good time, with good reciprocal pumping, arching into me, and some vocals but nothing too theatrical or over the top. That kind of performance with a girl this hot is hard to beat. I could see myself being a regular with her no problem.

    I would probably book longer than an hour with her next time just to enjoy her more thoroughly. She thought that I had seen her friend Melody before, but she must have mixed me up with some other incredibly dashing, well endowed, paying hunk. From her description of her friend, I think I will have to see if I can meet her sometime soon as well.

    I am going to have to change my dumbass perb handle to luckyboy123, I am having such a good time with these lovely girls.

    BTW - the VIP private condo is in a great location and quite discrete. There is a small extra fee, but worth it IMHO.

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    Sounds delicious...

    I vividly recall meeting Stacey at the last VIP party and she and Melody put on a great show. Having seen Melody, I can only imagine that the two must be a great duo.
    Red Baron

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    Smile Excellent Review!

    Thanks a million Shyboy123 for the excellent review on Stacey @ Sweet VIPs -I have just added her to my short list. Harvi sure has one of the finest selection of girls in the city!

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    Nice Review Shyboy ...thanks!

    I have seen Melody b4, who by the way is a knock out and a very sweet, fun girl too. I have not seen Stacey myself but Melody confirms everything you've just said about her. Harvi, my favorite fixer-upper lady, attests to this as well. With your endorsement to add the guys' perspective I am now totally excited to see Stacey. So thanks!

    Melody (and Harvi) both tried to get me see Melody and Stacey together too but I still think the two of them together would kill me. So you are going to have to go for it and let us all know if it is survivable.

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