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    I wanted to relay a story and realize to myself that I take a huge risk doing this. I wanted to warn others so it does not happen to them. I have sometimes picked up a street girl for a little bit of action for little money. There have been some okay women and for the cost it was not to much for her or myself.

    Well the most insane person I have ever met was unfortunately in my vehicle. The moment she entered my vehicle she was rambling on about nonsense and it was making no sense what she was saying. I was a bit frightened but I thought she would only be in vehicle for abit so I thought if I pay her she would soon be out. When I quoted her a reasonable price which was low but I only wanted to just do some minimal things. She was not pleased but I thought okay just drop you off then and leave it alone because it was not reasonable for either one of us.

    This is however the point she got even crazier and started calling me names and gesturing to me non stop. It was so insane she even was mimicking my voice and pointing the finger at me nonstop while still calling me names. She said she wished she had a gun so she could show me. If voice got even louder and she would not leave my vehicle. I tried to push her out thinking she just get the hint and leave as the door was open abit.

    She then got even crazier yet as I tried to push her out she lunged at me and went ballistic throwing fists, knees, pulling hair and such. I had a tough time controlling her because my seatbelt was making it hard to do anything. Once I got to my belt I could finally do something and get her out of my vehicle

    She was insanely out of control and I wish I did not pick her up but she was a lunatic who was so high and angry I had no way of doing anything. It is a huge risk with a street girl or any craigslist provider since there is such a major element of the unknown. She was by far the craziest person I have ever met and it scared me to the point where it reminded me of that movie with the prostitute serial killer. If she mentions a gun then what are the chances then.

    She was a young girl too (long brown hair, clear complexion, fit and tall) and decent looking on 124street and 116th avenue a block south from the Mcdonalds. It was a massive mistake but she would not get out of my vehicle and she was so insane.

    I hope this does not happen to anyone else. You have to be very careful. I wish I did not let her get in my vehicle. If someone sees her stay clear.

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    Holy crap, that must have freaked the crap out of you. Be careful out there...

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    Or better yet forget that scene too dangerous period.
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