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    not shelby luxx but the shelby that advertises on eros..... her cellphone pic looks incredible
    any info

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    If you're expecting someone to take the time and write you an answer you need to put some time into the question. Who do you think is going to waste their time searching trhough eros while you're too lazy to post a link
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    Re: Shelby

    She used to work out of the rub and tug in Cloverdale.
    I never did have the pleasure but I've lusted over those pictures also. I believe she moved to Coquitlam last year.
    The Cloverdale location was just a tad too public for me to be comfortable walking into but I tell you what if she looks like her pictures it might just be worth it.

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    I remember spending a very nice nice sunny afternoon with her at an apt near stanely park. I clearly remember the sun shining off the briliant white pearl neclace i sprayed all over her. Was a great trip down memory road thanks. This was 5 years ago or so, back in the days of Buttercup how I wish I could go back in time sometimes.

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    bbbj? Any other details perhaps?

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