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    Thumbs up CL Brooklyn

    So I saw an ad for a Brooklyn offering services for 200/hr. The ad is no longer on craigslist. I had yet to see a post on here or the other site by anyone having seen her so decided to TOFTT.

    I gave her a call and she sounded very upbeat/ awake, genuine (I dont know what word I'm looking for haha) But I have called others and they sound like they just got up or talking to me on the phone was a hassle and this was not the case here. We decided to set something up later in the evening.

    Her incall location is on the Northside of the city at a house, when I pulled up I was hoping this was not going to be a B &S and the picture was going to be accurate. Well I went to the door and knocked and was met by an absolutely HOT girl (IMHO). Was her description accurate...Yes. She is one of those girls you would see somewhere and be like wow I wish I was with that. Now just a thing of caution she does have roomates and so you may run into another guy and another girl while there. When I got inside there was a guy hanging out with a girl in the living room but I was not bothered by it. We had a drink and I got a tour of the house (felt like i was at an MP). The is great to talk to and we had a bunch of stuff in common so it made things comfortable.

    We then decided to get to purpose of my visit and i must say that she looked great in her clothes (this girl has a great sense of fashion and great hygeine) she looked absolutely fantastic naked, she does have enhanced breats which I liked and look great on her. SHe does have restrictions in terms of no kissing, no DATY but did say that could change in the future if we saw each other again and got more comfortable. So ti was a safe FS session. The session was great with a CBJ, Cowgirl and Doggie tried on this day.

    She is doing this to help pay for school and said she does not put her ad up often only when her roommate is working as well and I guess maybe that is why the ad is no longer online. She did say i could call her whenever seeing as to how we have now met and I guess the time together went good for both.

    L - 10 Like i said she has a great body and a very sexy face.
    A - 10 She is a great person to talk to and booking with her was not that difficult. She also made sure the session went good.
    S - 9 You should expect a FS session and you will have a great one (IMHO) And like I mentioned in terms of DATY and such she did say ti could be an option in later meetings.

    On a final note, will i repeat...YES and i am thinking it will be on a few occasions. IMHO she is great VFM @ 200 (30 min is 160). And I dont know if I mentioned it yet but she has a great body and look.

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    CL Brooklyn - Outcall

    brownsuperman, I would like to thank you for the above review which finally led me to a rendezvous with Brooklyn. Your comments are right on the money. In addition, I add the following from my experience:

    1. I too think she is a hottie (Looks=8).
    2. There are still the restrictions that you mentioned and she was not willing to masturbate which I find quite stimulating, none the less the CBJ was good and the CFS was tight, responsive and very satisfying (S=7).
    3. Her price for an Outcall was $220 for an hour.
    4. She is very friendly, easy to talk with and quite charming. Not characteristics common to most 21 year olds (my guess). She looks and feels very young (A=7).
    5. I too believe as she gets more experience or you become a Regular, she would become more open sexually.
    6. She is not GFE/PSE and do not see her if that is your desire.
    7. I too look forward to a repeat session.

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