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Thread: Jess CL and EC text

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    Jess CL and EC text

    I decided to start a new thread for this newcomer to the scene. (Bronco started one already but had a combined thread with Jillian in it as well.) On to the review:

    I went to see her recently. She has a very nice, clean apartment downtown. With her other job she apparently can keep some inconsistent hours. I was greeeted at the door by a very attractive woman in a full length semi-transparent negligee. Jess is a larger, but not fat, woman with amazing breasts. We spent some time on her couch with a glass of wine and got to know each other a little. This evolved into her straddling me still fully clothed. After some great kissing and mutual fondling we moved into the bedroom.

    I excused myself to freshen up in her shower. Jess was stretched out on the bed when I got back. I hopped up (it's a fairly high bed) to join her. After making out for a bit, Jess proceeded to demonstrate her fabulous oral skills. She provided a great BBBJ with BLS. I reciprocated with well received DATY. I finished with more BBBJ culminating in a well placed string of pearls.

    My report card would go as follows:

    Location - 8.5 Apartment is very nice. Parking is fairly easy.
    Appearance - 9.0 I'm not a spinner fan so Jess is right in my comfort zone.
    Attitude and Service - 10.0
    Repeat - Hell yeah!!

    Never up - never in!

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    that was her old place, she's moved to a nicer place
    she is a Milf who is very horny. Well put together package
    I said she was hot , I hear she's looking for a threesome. would be neat to tag team her

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