Hello everyone

Just wanted to let you all know our latest updates, as it's been a while since we posted last!

We have a couple new girls that have just recently started with us, as you can see on the website...www.college-cuties.weebly.com

Ella: our cute, petite little brunette...she stands 5'5", 110lbs, and full PERKY D34's. This is the very first agency that Ella has ever worked for, so she is truly brand new to business. A very fun, laid back girl.

Britney: JUST TURNED 19!! 5'6", 115 lbs, B34, and long brown hair. She has not had her first appointment yet, but will be starting some time during the first week of December.

Angelica: our sexy European spinner! Angelica is 5'3", 104 lbs, 23 years old, full B cup, & a wicked personality. ***Loves to DEEPTHROAT!

Allie: 24 years old, blonde hair, 5'7", C34 chest. Allie has a very cute, faint french accent, & is working part time so she has a limited availability.

One addition we have made to our website is our Schedule/Availability section, which we update DAILY, so you can know every day exactly who is working & when!

I would like to emphasize again on PRE BOOKED APPOINTMENTS. We are not offering Pre-Bookings, but will be more than happy to let you know who will be in on the specific day you are asking for. The reason for this is because we tried it in the past & it did not work out in our favour. We have pre-booked just to be bailed on, which really takes up the girls time that they could have had another appointment booked. So if you have a certain day you want to book for, go ahead & give us a shout, we will let you know who is working & if the time you want will work, but in order to BOOK that appointment you will be given a time to call the day of the appointment to confirm.

As for me, I AM GREAT! I haven't been working full time lately, as I have been tending to other life priorities, but will be back in action hopefully by the end of this week! I miss ALL OF YOU, & can't wait to see you all again soon .

The second last thing I want to mention is ALL of the College-Cuties will be doing a professional photo-shoot in the next week, so our website photo's will be updated very shortly! We are all very excited & hope that you are too.

LAST, but DEFINITELY not least!! WE ARE OFFERING CHRISTMAS SPECIALS!!! For each hour appointment booked, you will be given a $20.00 discount!! That is ONE full hour for $260!!

Keep yourself updated with our website, again the url is www.college-cuties.weebly.com

You can call us at 778-378-4741 anytime for questions, suggestions, or appointment bookings...If no one answers, please leave a message & we can return your call or text.

Thanks again for all of the support, we LOVE YOU ALL, & can't wait for the christmas specials to begin!!


Lexi Cassidi <3