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Thread: Toni @ Beyond Paradise

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    Toni @ Beyond Paradise

    Got a call from a friend today, informing me of a gal I saw before I met Ms. Cherry, is working again.
    Miss Carmen who worked briefly at Studio 118.

    So off I go to say hi!
    She is working there as Toni and still looks as hot as ever.
    Beyond Paradise being the former Escape and Relax on 65th and 118th Av.

    I didn't stay, but was tempted. Had a few very energetic sessions with her when she was at Studio 118.

    Based on past experiences, without any bias.. I'm going to go with..
    L: 9
    A: 8.5
    S: 8.5

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    A priceless reply from

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    Quote Originally Posted by iluvtheladies View Post
    The Cherry from velvet touch your head over heels for Markl??
    Yes, Cherry's the one on the right. I've met her in person and her looks don't do anything for me. To each their own, I guess.

    I've also met Bree (the girl on the left) in person and thought she was cute enough, but that is one unflattering picture. She looks like she's stoned!
    Sick And Tired Of All The White Knights!

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    That would be her yes.
    I noticed they put up a new ad this evening which has a better picture.

    Still not as good as her last professional done pictures. I mentioned to her she might want to use those on CL.

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    when looking at photos. if you say right or left
    It always means your right, not the photos
    names of people in photos are always listed left to right (thats your left to right)

    If you telling someone "on their right"
    it means their right not yours..


    By saying shes the one on the right
    its the strawberry blond gal.
    <a href=""><img src="" alt=""></a><br/><a style="padding:3px;background: transparent;color:#00ADEF;font-family:tahoma;font-size:10px;font-weight:bold;text-decoration:none;" href="" target="_blank">Gifs at </a>

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    Talked to Cherry tonight and mentioned this thread.
    I quote from her while talking about Toni (former Carmen who she worked with) "She's gorgeous!"

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    Apparently Toni, is no longer working there.


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    I heard she is due to resurface at platinum club.
    Not sure when.

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    Well Toni is doing CL I see.

    A teaser for you guys. Face is beautiful also.

    Just passing on some intel. She does overdo the moaning and groaning a bit too much.
    So I am certainly not shilling her. She is gorgeous though.

    Had she never left Studio 118, I might have never met Cherry!
    Then again... I'd of saved a lot of money lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megatron View Post
    Looks like Toni didn't show up for her shifts at Platinum. If anyone hears about how to get in contact with her please let me know.
    Well Megatron. It looks like you're in luck. I just her latest ad on CL that will be doing appointments only at Velvet Touch. Go get her tiger.
    Sick And Tired Of All The White Knights!

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    Yep, went in to see Miss Cherry tonight, and Miss Toni was on shift. Apparently on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings now.

    Just a FYI to Megatron.

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    and now she is over at Angels spa... sure gets around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markl View Post
    and now she is over at Angels spa... sure gets around.
    The opposite of you.... You seem to only be interested in certain fruits...

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    Haha, I just had a thought. Need another gal named "Banana" and we could make a banana split. I'd be the cream, if you know what I mean.

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