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Thread: dating a japanese girl-i see her like every 2 wks

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    dating a japanese girl-i see her like every 2 wks

    can i ask? how often do you and bf/gf or when u do date how often . once a week, 2 times a wk, or more. ...---on average.

    i mean we see each other once every 2 wks-that something i noticed and i have to do the planning too.once every 2 wks . yesterday and today and tommorrow she be going out with her friends and i asked her to hang out with me, but she rather hang with them. i'm not even really priority. and if we do hang out -its always me doing the planning and timing of everything. she never initates or makes plans for us to hang out-be it lets go dinner, movie on tues or wed

    her friends at victoria called me "oh go back to your bf" and she refers to me as one. yea but then i also have a feeling shes not serious about it.

    there other stuff i notice about her that she displays and shows gf . like pouring tea, scooping noodles, ...etc
    and she so secrective about things too-this is with everything. and the only reason i believe she invited me out to whistler is b/c her friends asked her if she had a bf, and she said yes and they said why dont u bring him out.

    i dont want to get hurt ---not jsut time and money ,but mentally and emotionally too.

    she doesn't require me to pay when we go out and give money back to me. seems caring too--pros

    con. s---well i noticed on her cell phone when i was up in victoria with her a text msg on her cell and it showed she has a lover. "hey my love" "i love you"... i also overheard her saying i love you on her cell when she was on the phone. that explains why she is secrective and i only see her so often. she even said we are in a relationship. we only went out 5 x;s . i didn;t get mad or bring it up as i relied on their car to get back to vancouver-hehe. i had a feeling she was like this though. she seemed like it. loose play type of girl.

    after i said i would like to have a relationship with her she let me have sex with her, but then i dont think shes really serious about relationship with me

    also on the 4th date she was willing and let me have sex with her, but i didn't since i wasn't prepared with condom and she just lays there like a stone and i do all the work---shes selfish in that way and other ways. kind of a loose loose girl.

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    Pretty obvious dude.

    She's just not that into you.

    Bang her ass a few more times and move on.

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    Hmmm, not that I'm some sort of expert on relationships, but it doesn't sound very promising.

    Take the above posters advice. Have a few more go at its, then call it a day...although, from your description of her just lying there, it doesn't sound all that great either.

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    You are being used/played, move along

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    Hire beautiful SP (looks in straight 10 department), then make sure she sees you with her. If she is not mad as hell, than forgetaboutit (bonus: you can fuck SP afterwards)
    Love to help

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    Just get what you want

    Similar to the above posters...she's playing the field, you should too. Bang her ass ass often, then move on. Since you're not being asked to pay for anything, you're saving a few bucks in the interim from having to pay for SPs.

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    you now im not a good girl. ---what does that term mean when a girl tells that to a guy shes dating.
    she also said shes into bad guys and players-why would a girl say shes into those tyes and that quote

    she also said im a good guy though

    she ended it with me yesterday and i saw it coming. ofc disappointed. i should have ended it with her , as i wont be feeling so rejected n disappointed. hehe i dont date a lot of get gfs so its hard. she also said it wasn;t my faught, and kept saying im so sorry.she deleted me off her facebook when i got home and blocked me off her msn. i guess she doesn't even want to be friends,which i would have been nice -to keep in touch. she told she deleted everything exs contacts. hmmm

    why would someone commit to a relationship n let you have sex with her on the 4th date but then on the 6th date break up with me. i saw it coming as i always had to initiate outings, dates and it wasn't very frequent when we hung out-ionce every 2 wks or so.

    its like when you first meet them its all good-and then later you find out what they are really like after 5th date. sometimes you really wish you never even met them in the first place or i won;t even be in this kind of mess and headache and heartache

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    jap girl? how old? most of the jap girls here in edmonton are like that.

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    move the f on

    take slamma's advice. Don't be a sissy door mat. Pound her one last time, make sure you put all the spite you can muster in that last lay, and walk the fuck out the door

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    joe45, you seem to be a really thoughtful and sensitive person. It will be hard to do this but you can't actually take this situation personally. For people who date a lot and who aren't interested in a long-term or serious relationship at the moment - and it sounds like is the category this woman fits into - it is entirely normal to try out some different people to see if they are a good fit, or just to have fun for a little while. It may seem cold and hurtful to you, but that was not her intention. She is playing the field, dating different guys, and sleeping around. In 2009 that is normal behaviour for a large segment of the population.

    Emotionally, it is obvious that you are on a completely different level than her, and you took things seriously. She did not. That does not mean that there's anything wrong with you, it just means that from her perspective, you weren't that great a fit for her. Or, she did not want to get serious with anyone, and she sensed that by seeing you any longer it would be harder for her to see the other guys that she wants to see. That does not make her cruel or anything, its just the way it is. And, with you seeing her only once every two weeks, you weren't her boyfriend anyhow, you were just another guy she saw from time to time.

    I'm sorry things didn't work out the way you wanted them too, but you will soon forget her. The best way, like others have said, is to find another woman. Good luck.

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