Hey ladies,
my roomate is likely leaving me in January. If anyone is looking to rent a place mine is fully stocked with everything you need (except condoms/personal items obviously!). I will be renting by the day in January, my place is NOT available for the month of February, and then will be renting again in March. If anyone is interested in renting regularly I will knock the price down a bit and you can leave whatever items you want here and have your own set of keys.

My place is in gastown, its a gorgeous 1 bedroom with a view of the mountains and water.

I have a day rate but if you are interested in a more regular arrangement we can work something out. I use the place ever Monday and Friday... plus some Saturdays/Sundays but those are flexible. Tues-Thurs is pretty much always available.

If anyone has questions please email me at [email protected]