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Thread: Ashley's Birthday 4some!

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    Ashley's Birthday 4some!

    Ashley's Birthday 4some!
    I finished work and decided that I needed some fun , after all it was almost my birthday! I called my male slut friend, he always has hot girls around him who are ready and willing. He is a great wingman and with his help I always get laid by very beautiful girls! We head over to his place for drinks, and to meet his 23 year old room mate and her 21 year old gf . I don't drink but thought why not its my birthday. That was mistake #1 by the time the girls showed up I was wasted. They were really cute and holly what great bodies on them! We all got naked and I was in heaven. I was thinking wow this is the best birthday ever until... the room started spinning! I was put into bed alone and out before midnight. I woke up that morning the day of my real birthday hung over and to sick to celebrate. It was still worth it as the sex was awesome and the girls great sports!

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    shit, why can't I have fuck mates like that guy?

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