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Thread: Unlicensed escorts, agencies fined $134G

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    Unlicensed escorts, agencies fined $134G

    Has anyone heard much about the following:

    Cops told them ahead of time a sweep was coming, but still nearly three dozen Edmonton escorts and escort agencies dodged buying city licences, earning them more than $100,000 in fines, say police.

    "It just becomes a point of flaunting the bylaw," said Det. Chuck Prince of the Edmonton police vice unit. "They all know, and I tell them when I see them, make sure your licence is up to date."

    Between Oct. 29 and Nov. 25, police levied 37 fines against 20 women and 15 agencies for allegedly offering sex services without proper documents.

    Fines totalled $134,000. One agency was nailed with a $20,000 bill.

    But it's more than a money grab. Prince said licensing escorts and agencies is key to keeping the industry clean and gang-free.

    Escorts face a yearly criminal record check when they hold a licence.

    Cops will decline or take their licences if they've been involved in violent, drug-related or recent crimes.

    That helps cuff the hands of organized crime to take control of the girls.

    "Someone has to control it. Because if we don't do that, we will have nothing but trouble as organized crime moves into the area, and the ages of the girls drop. They're not 18; they're 14 or 12," said Prince.

    "You take the control away, someone steps over the line, and nothing happens, they take one bigger step over the line."

    To add teeth to their cause, fines are set high -- $2,500 for operating as an unlicensed call girl, and an extra $2,500 for operating an agency without papers.

    A licence for a single escort costs $125. Agencies are charged about $3,800.

    "It gets expensive," said Prince.

    He said he thinks this sweep will sink in with the escort community.

    After their first night of the operation Oct. 29, "the word was out big time. When we went on Craigslist the next day, there were about a quarter of the ads on there as usual," said Prince.

    It's fully legal to operate as or hire an escort in Edmonton.

    They provide sexual and massage services in private residences, and are contacted by phone, said Prince.

    "Prostitution in Canada is not illegal," he said. "It's communication in a public place that is an illegal act."

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    the licence price Vice is quoting in the Sun Article is for agency girls, not for independents. Independent licences are over 2200 a year.

    And I believe that agencies pay more than 3800, some how I thought it was closer to 5k... but I'm not an agency owner so I dont know.
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    Would the license fee be something that you could write off on your taxes?

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    Hmmm....well, it IS budget time at City Hall!

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    given that I had to pay $x to set up...

    ...what I set up....I don't guess that smart minded business chicks mind paying what it pays to stay legal. If you are any good, the overhead is quickly sleep better during the night.

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    So I wonder if Larry's outfit was busted too?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jim View Post
    So I wonder if Larry's outfit was busted too?
    But I thought he was just their friend

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