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Thread: Sliver -RMD - cl - 5878

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    Sliver -RMD - cl - 5878

    Hi guys! It`s SLIVER ,I`m NEW in TOWN !!!!!5`5 36D -25 35 cl-5878

    anyone been up close & personal ?

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    great service and price

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    I visited Sliver of CL 5878 the other night but it was in Vanc near the west end/Coal Harbour. She answers the phone and has passable English. Her studio apartment is very nice. It is very clean and very presentable.

    She did not resemble the photo at all, not a big surprise. She has a bit of a tummy and she has natural but soft C's. I would guess the age to be early 30's. She is better than average looking but wouldn't turn a lot of heads. The good part is that she is very friendly and easy going. A good shared shower with every part being cleaned up. Her service was attentive, there is no doubt about her loving DATY. Digits are politely declined. Lots of DK. I rate it as good value at $. (plus tip).

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