One of our newest V.I.P.`s took the time to have a photo shoot with our LuckyPix`s
photographer for your viewing pleasure - and wow what a treat your in for. Here is a snap
shot of one of her newest photos - now if that dosn`t get the blood recirculating to your
lower regins - nothing will.

Isabella has been on vacation all weekend. She`s been resting up, treating herself to long bubble baths,
and lazy days spent prancing around naked to air dry (lucky neighbours).
She will be back to work in Victoria for MONDAY NOVEMBER 30th, 10am - 4pm -
Then she will be off to Vancouver for her virgin tour at Vic2Van for December 1 & 2 only.

Don`t worry Island boy`s you will have her all back to yourselves as of Thursday -
and a few lucky gents, will also have the opportunity to have her buy you a drink at our : V.I.P. Winter Party : JAN 2, 2010

(more new photos : click here now)

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