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Thread: Los Angeles Strip Clubs

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    Los Angeles Strip Clubs

    Will be going there in a few weeks. Does anyone know which are the best strip clubs to go to?

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    I was there in October but the place is so big you really have to be more specific. I just did a google search and found some near my hotel.

    The thing is that fully nude means no alcohol, and panties left on means alcohol. I had the impression that extras were offered at some places but you can't really be sure. Remember, there is, "no sex in the champagne room."


    Post 100 for me, wow I am slow.

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    LA is more conservative than Vancouver. Its typical USA meaning stuffed up. Stick to seeing the beach and the tourist stuff.

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    There are lots of strip clubs in LA but they didn't really strive that much being a non-expense account city as compared to New Orleans and Las Vegas. However, the City of Angels being the entertainment capital of the world do have TONS of beautiful women engaged in the erotic dancing past time and their own batch of popular strip clubs.

    4Play is the best in the West Los Angeles area, classier than the rest with some of the hottest performers in the city.

    Good old Spearmint Rhino still reigns in the downtown area. It has a sister club called Rouge located there as well and they both enforce a strict dress code policy.

    Jumbo's Clown Room is the hidden secret. Even if this place is located in the not so good area of Hollywood it still rocks! More of a bikini bar than a nudie place, it has a constant set of attractive performers and is the favorite of women guests as well. They even tip better than guys. The music they play here is really awesome, even better than what some clubs play in Sunset Blvd. Cool place to set the mood for your hot date.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor2136 View Post
    fully nude means no alcohol, and panties left on means alcohol.
    I've found it that way through most of the States. Plus hefty cover charges to boot. Rather disappointing.

    I'll take TO or Montreal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor2136 View Post

    The thing is that fully nude means no alcohol, and panties left on means alcohol.
    Reminds me of a many years ago when I was in Davenport, Iowa.
    Was taken to a local strip club by some of the people from John Deere.
    No alcohol sold on site but you could go to the liquor store next door and buy it then bring it in to drink. $1.00 for a 1 minute lap dance and $10.00 for a one song private dance in a little booth along the side.
    Y'all come back now,

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