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Thread: why do you pick - Incall over Outcall ?

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    why do you pick - Incall over Outcall ?

    Other than the obvisous reasons of not having your home to yourself, room-mates or wife. Why do you pick hotels (travelling ladies) or the ladies home or even the MP scene.

    I had a conversation with a gentleman last weekend, and he said he's got a thing for hotel visits over woman who invite to their home.

    That is one, share you reasons, OTHER than the above mentioned reasons.
    I'm going to stand outside. So if anyone asks, I am outstanding.

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    While I have never done a hotel thing. I would think that having a neutral environment would make it interesting. There is a certain allure also to having a really nice hotel room with amenities. One valentines day for instance, with the ex-fiancee.. we booked a honeymoon suite in a hotel about 3 blocks from our place. It made it special, almost like a mini vacation.

    Whirlpool tub and mirror on the top of the canopy bed didn't hurt either.

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    I'm not overly keen on outcalls. I live in an apartment building that can be hard to navigate to and doesn't have plentiful visitor parking, I don't always have time to clean my place, and I have nosy neighbors. Also, the MPs and certain hotel rooms will have amenities that I am lacking, such as in-suite jacuzzi and lots of mirrors.

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    never done an outcall because of all the horror stories, but now that i have a few regulars I would invite them into my home.

    As for hotels and such it doesn't really matter to me where the appointment is, as long as the service is good!

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    While I can do only incalls due to SO issues, I would love to have an outcall to try out if I was out on a trip. It feels more cozy in a hotel knowing nothing is going to bother you. No phones, animals, people knocking on doors and so on...

    No matter where you go, or what you can do, There is always someone out there that can do it better than you.

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    Incall vs Outcall

    Its a combination of things for me...

    When I travel to calgary I don't always have my own mode of transportation, so I find Outcall to my hotel more convient.

    In Edmonton I perfer Incall (hotel or spa) mainly because I'm usually just in for the day and anything other than a squzzy room does not make economic sense, an Hour FS plus a $150 dollar room just doesn't work for me. I'm not real big on visiting a private residence, but thats more of an issue about being from out of town and not liking driving in the city, especially in residential areas.

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    For me it's convience, usually travelling thru a city.
    Had a incall to my house once, loved it, had candles, wine, babblu bath for her ect.
    Just to tough to set up times with my schedule and I live oustide the city 20 minutes. I also think that most ladies like incall's over outcalls anyway.

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    I have never had an SP to my home, and I never will. I never use my real name, credit card or anything else that can lead back to me. I call from a pay-as-you-go cell phone that is used only for instances where I don't wish to be recognized. I just like to keep that part of my life separate from my "normal" life.

    I do not want strangers inside my home.

    I only use SP services at either their home or at a massage parlour. I've never used a hotel. I'm not made of money, and I'd rather spend the money on the SP's services, not on a hotel room.

    Now, I understand why an SP might not wish to use their own home, as I would not. But, if they do, I appreciate that they are taking a risk by having me to their home, and I respect that.

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    I definitely prefer someone to come to me. Particularly in the winter I don't like to be warmed up and then get in a cold car with shaky knees.

    Actually, I am just more comfortable in my own place. If you are invited through the door you are my guest and I will treat you as such. To me it has a lot to do with it not feeling like a business transaction.

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