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Thread: Ashlee (CL) in Poco

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    Ashlee (CL) in Poco

    I was wondering if anybody has met up with Ashlee from Poco?She posts on CL all the time. Let me know your thoughts.


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    Was there something specific about her you wanted to know?

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    Is she any good?

    Is she any good?

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    Beware, this girl has many different pictures and I would say none of them are hers, although she is a very nice girl, called her up and set a deal for a buck fourty, thirty min FS and a shower together, all I got was a lame CBJ and she said she was unable to do FS at this time due to a medical problem.

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    shes a scam saw her quite a while ago drove almost 45 mins to see her in poco and no full service definitely a waste of time and money

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    This girl is still posting and pissing guys off still. Leolist ad calling her "fake ashlee". Funny shite.

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    I saw her like 7 years ago and she had to be pushing 40 then and it wasn't showing well. Can't imagine what another 7 years has done to her.

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