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    My phone was giving me big problems so i could not look through CL for any posts.
    So i picked up the good old GS.
    Called a few that looked good and had no success.
    so i saw the post for Spa540 and i thought what the hell i'd give them a call.
    Called and they said they had 4 girls working (This was yesterday around 2:30)
    So i went for it.
    Had no idea what kind of girls they had but the $7 half hour seemed like a good deal
    felt kind of weird walking in the front door when it was super busy along Alberni... i think it's Alberni anyways. But there was no buzzer or locked door so i walked right in and up the stairs and was welcomed by a very nice lady who explained all the options to me.
    I agreed and she introduced the girls..........Whoa..... very very nice line up... i couldn't decided... they were all smoking hot!!!! there was actually only 3 available but i couldn't really decide who i would pick... so i just went with my first choice.
    Adreana (Spelling?) Anyways she's a Spanish girl with a smoking hot body!!!!

    They gave me a choice of a room and then i got ready in the room until i hear the high heals approach and a light knock at the door.

    Whoa she changed into a smoking hot outfit... So very sexy HOT!!!!

    long dark hair ... perfect Tan... smoking hot Eyes that i just loved to look into
    Perfect tight body with a set of bolt on that felt very very nice... gotta be D's

    a little bit of chit chat ... she was very easy to talk to

    went for a bit of back rub which at first was ok but then she got into it... really hit the good spots on my back ... started to work my legs and she lubed up herself and gave me a bit of a body slide... it was smoking.... felt so good.

    a bit of a tickle to the boys while i was still on my back and she said flip over...

    i was happy to do so... she had her top off revealing her perfect rack.

    a bit of a hand job while looking deep into my eyes.

    Slapped on the hat and gave me an awesome cbj… lots of eye contact … not mechanical at all… lots of moaning and tongue action … little deep throat.

    While I was getting the cbj I managed to reach down and begin to slip off her panties… she kept going and I had them down to her thighs … she shifted over to help me… off they came and she jumped on for some cg… Whoa she was so fucking tight… it was awesome…

    Ok this is getting kind of long now… so I’ll speed it up.

    Some very hot cg … she could go on and on…then she said I want you to fuck me doggie style… fuck my pussy hard baby…. I was so surprised and it was so hot!!
    She has a sweet ass… she like me tickle her star but no penetration.
    There was a mirror on the head of the bed and she stared into my eyes while I fucked her doggie … whoa so fucking hot!

    Now this was kind of fucked… all of a sudden I hear pop…I busted through the condom!
    Pulled out and she was like welli can finish you handjob or get a new condom… I was like well new condom please…thinking shit… although she seemed very clean… but still kind of scared… new condom on and on to Mish… super tight man…super

    Then I ask her to finish me with cbj …she agrees and get a awesome cbj finish
    A bit of dirty talk and awesome eye contact
    Whoa man… I can’t wait to go back.
    She brings me to their shower and I clean up…she stands outside the shower and waits with my towel… Service… top notch!

    L: 9
    S: 9.5
    A: 9
    I don’t’ know if we just connected or if this is her everyday service…but I can’t wait to go back!!!

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    Shit it's on Pender not Alberni... My BAD

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