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    Question Lily Fox

    anyone know what happened to Lily Fox???

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    There have been serveral fox girls that used the name Lily. Which one?

    There's the tall red-headed one, and an full figured asian one.

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    Isn't Lily Fox now Hunny Bunny on TG? or am I getting her mistaken for someone else?

    She is still listed on Temp GF's site.

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    thanks and a tip

    The Tip
    Tried Ursula at the den. I ususally go for the younger ones...but OMG...ursula was a blast... model asian hottie. bout late 30's but would definately not know.... great in bed.

    Visited sheila downtown this morning.... OMFG.... wat a great girl. totally reviewed here on this site... I think ur experience totally depends on how you approach her... lots of guys say YMMV.... but, we went time and a half. No clock watching.

    gave her a .40 tip for being a sweetie.

    Would luv to find a filipino gurl... any ideas lads...?
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