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Thread: The awesome present for a girl?

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    The awesome present for a girl?

    It's that time of the year to begin my shopping adventure for Christmas. There are so many gifts you can give to a girl, but finding something special is very hard to do. What is the most awesome present you can give to a girl?

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    Stick with diamonds, nothing drops their jaw like sparkly things. I'm doing the diamond ear rings this christmas
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    i have to say, and i'm sure the ladies agree, that jewelry and hand bags from your neighborhood holt renfrew is as impersonal, common, and bland as it can get. UNLESS

    1) she doesn't really like you
    2) it's to propose to her
    3) she likes your money

    what does work? anything that will remind her of a good time the two of you spent together.

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    ...hahaa or LUBE. EXACTLY.

    perhaps purchased at Holt...

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    any girl that requires diamonds for a gift

    should be kicked to the curb.....

    for one thing, you set yourself up for a future fail, when you don't get something that exceeds the previous gift giving

    If she requires an overpriced piece of carbon to make her Christmas fulfilling, then she needs a reality check

    And if you are giving her diamonds, jewelry, or something else extravagant....what is she getting YOU?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sexy Nina Leone View Post

    She'll love you for this one forever.

    Even more so after you guys break up.


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    You know, I'm suprised I haven't run across a lightsabre replica vibrator yet. I would buy one.
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