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    Micro Mystery

    Im pretty sure this post is appropriate here as it has to do with some sort of "411" so i hope some of you guys can help me out on this. Lets just clear something out of the way. Im not a police officer nor do i work for one. My question is this - and feel free to PM me if you feel you have to - but i just dont understand why there are so many asian hookers here. I mean i can understand the reasoning behind the white girls on the streets or in the massage parlours and at home but i have no clue with these asian girls. Ok here is the thing. They dont look like they are supporting a drug habbit cuz they all look very clean. I doubt they are trafficed here under force cuz im sure they are compotant enough to get out of the biz by calling police or just leaving also cuz the asian papasans who house them dont look intimidating enough and look like they can be punched out by a four year old. Plus they seem really gentle. I also ruled out the possibility of them being trafficed cuz they really look like they like ther job and are good at what they do. I just dont get it. Why come here for this. China or korea is dense enough not to be noticed. Plus asian women like there own kind more than the multicultural men here. Im seriously clueless over this one. Anyone know a decent reason to this?

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    1) More money
    2) higher demand for Asian SPs
    3) Anonymity from their families and friends
    4) Prostitution is illegal in Korea

    I'm sure there are other reasons.

    Would it kill you to post a review?

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    they come here to experience a western country

    to learn english and travel

    to get away from a male dominated society

    once they get here they find out how expensive it is and how few jobs there are due to language skills

    asia also have productized women for generations

    so, they think its only logical to do this, save up some money, travel, learn english, etc

    some find that they love it, some have a moderate amount of fun, some turn clients into long term boyfriends, some tolerate it for the money

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    I've gotten to know a few Korean SP's outside of the micros, and I confirm a good number are here by choice. To make "easy" money to spend and/or send home and/or to save up for school, and to experience living somewhere different. The ones I know are not trafficked...they buy their own flights here, find their own apartments, find micro workplaces via word of mouth or through friends, or have agents. On their days off, they go clubbing, they go shopping, go sight seeing, go to restaurants, or just sit at home all day surfing the net, playing computer games, or watching Korean shows on their computer.

    Why there are so many asian SP's here, I'm not completely sure...maybe word of mouth spreads that our humble city is SP-friendly? Anyone else care to share?

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    u know its actually pretty sad cuz ive been with over 15 or so of them and i can say they are all so sweet and loving. Nothing like the white girls who work here. Its sad to see these gems do this to themselves. Im sure they can find good jobs or husbands that can take care of them. This is just really bizarre to me. I know i say its sad on one end and then contribute to there lifestyle but i really started thinking bout this recently and i feel pretty guilty seeing them these days...I think im gonna retire to white chicks from here on... Right after i bang this hot asian Jade girl (cl 6859) in richmond... i hear shes smokin...

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    Not having too much luck with the white girls are ya?

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    i'm born and raised in vancouver, so i got asian fever to the max. so no complaints from me.

    i do recall once i walked into an sp's apartment, and i could just tell she had been forced to do the job. nothing felt right the moment i walked into the room. so as i was bailing, i peeked behind the screen and i saw an elderly couple that was most likely her grandparents.

    i was out the door so fast.

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