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Thread: Chanel @ EBC

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    Talking Chanel @ EBC

    Decided to TOFTT and saw Chanel @ EBC. Now I usually go for spinners but when I saw Chanel I literally could not believe my eyes. What a GORGEOUS girl. Anyway, she is NOT a spinner and definitely NOT a BBW...she is a sexy curvy girl...with curves in all the right places...sounds cliche but it's true (Check the website and you will see accurate pictures...and her ass...oooooh, her ass!!).

    Anyway, she came in with a fantastic bubbly personality and we clicked right off the bat. We chatted for a while as she massaged me and got to know each other better. Anyway, services were safe GFE (YMMV)...and she was great! She maintains eye contact and smiles the whole time. She even said "Why haven't you kissed me yet?"...GULP!

    Would see her again in a heartbeat and am looking forward to our next rendezvous!

    Donation was standard GFE rates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverback View Post
    Decided to TOFTT
    [nitpick]She's had reviews before (also see Jesslyn @ Revive) so it doesn't count as a TOFTT.[/nitpick]
    And I'm glad EBC has their pics up again.

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    Sorry...this was a "personal" TOFTT as I could not recall reading anything about her when I walked in short, my bad. But your concern for the "International Code of TOFTT-ing" is noted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverback View Post
    Sorry...this was a "personal" TOFTT. But your concern for the "International Code of TOFTT-ing" is noted.
    There is no "I" in team....have you even read the Code book?

    I have written a few reviews of my encounters with Chanel, beautiful girl and memorable sessions, one of my faves.

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    Thers no "I"

    But theres tEaM "ME" Backwards!!

    but thanks for the review..
    I was going to see her until I got sucked in by Corylee...
    Should have gone with Chanel insted...
    next time
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    Saw Chanel again today...better than the last time. She is truly a gem.

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    I have a great time with Chanel, she is my dream girl

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    hi guys....just wanted you to know that i will be leaving the business in the next month or two! my shifts will be cut back until i leave, probably a tuesday morning followed by one more morning shift!! Please keep checking the website or call if any changes have been made to my schedual so you know when i will be working!!

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    i agree 100% i got the chance to work with the beauty and let me tell ya she is a stunner....
    always bubbly with the kindest attitude and ohh dont forget her hair , she always has the best hair!!! her body is curvy n sweet with soft skin and her face is sooooo beautiful.. i recommend her to any one shes a 10
    xxxedmontonscoryleexxx x

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