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Thread: Emma - Candy Girl

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    Emma - Candy Girl

    It has been a while it seems since Candy XXXClusif has brought someone to the city. I saw the ad earlier in the day that Bijou and Emma were in the city. I have seen Bijou on a few occasions so decided to switch it up and meet Emma plus it said she is a squirter and I have never been with one so wanted to experience that as well. As usual the booking was easy to do by calling Matt. I decided to book for 30 min.

    The location is at a nice hotel downtown no card needed (but I have gone later in the night to there and they had locked the doors from lobby to elevators). Went up to the room and was greeted by a beautiful girl who does have somewhat of an exotic look to her. IF you are looking for a spinner that is nor her nor is she like supermodel skinny BUT she does have nice wide hips with a very nice round ass that any guy who enjoys a nice ass and doggystyle shall appreciate (IMHO). Everything advertised was available. Without going in to details the session was great and yes she is a squirter and i thought it was really hot.

    Now for you conservationists her english is somewhat limited but she is easy to understand and can understand most of what you are saying as well.

    Will I repeat... Yes. We hit it off real good and I am pretty sure the next time will be even better!


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    Anyone know when she's coming back to Edmonton?

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