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Thread: Pet Friendly Accommodations

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    Pet Friendly Accommodations

    I thought I would pass this link onto anyone who likes to travel with their pets. It is not always easy to find places that will take our four legged friends.
    On this page is also a list of dog's,puppies,cats,kittens that are looking for a good home.

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    Westin hotels are pet friendly, too.

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    Pet Friendly Accomodations

    Best Western in Richmond

    Good restaurant too & in summer allow pets on terrace while you dine!

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    One note I might add....
    A place being pet-friendly doesn't mean they tolerate noisy dogs.

    When I left my dog alone in the hotel room, he apparently kept barking at the people in the other room (since he didn't recognize them).... had to cut my dinner short to head back to my room to accompany my 4-legged friend.
    I'm just here for the intellectual atmosphere

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    Thumbs up Fairmont Hotels

    Vancouver has always been voted one of the top pet friendly cities in the world. That's pretty cool. The Fairmont Hotels is definitely one of the more pet friendly accommodations in the city. In fact, they even have their own canine ambassadors in their downtown locations which you could take for a walk if you didn't bring your pet with you. Most of them are yellow labs which you'll see along the concierge area of the lobby. There's Beau in Fairmont Vancouver and Mavis in the Waterfront who are both quite a fixture among the stores in Robson Street. Gucci even made a special collar for them.

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