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Thread: Anyone had any interaction with 'Jessie-James'

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    Anyone had any interaction with 'Jessie-James'

    Advertising out of Cowichan Lake / Youbu?

    I'm trying to set something up with her but wanted to see if anybody had seen her before?

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    Nobody's heard of her at all?

    She was advertising on Nanaimo CL. - Sexy BBW.
    Seems all her ads have disappeared.

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    let me be the first to say welcome to the board but i will also tell you that we have a 411 section where you can post any questions about victoria sp. this section is a review section where hopefully you will become a very active member. no biggie, but some people really like enforcing the rules.
    "the fastest way into a women bed is through their parents, sleep with them and your in"
    Zap Branagin

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