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Thread: Sorry Phoenox

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    Sorry Phoenox

    Sorry Phoenox i posted by misstake a wrong post in the lux experience. I have not seen Phoenox. Meant to post about Lux. From what I have heard Phoenox gives a great session.

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    Why the hell is the other thread locked?

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    I'll assume it was locked because the original thread was about Lux and myself along with a few others mentioned other SPs. I vaguely remember awhile back the discussion that we try to limit threads to one SP or was it that other SPs not comment on reviews regarding their competition? Regardless, we were asked to edit our posts in the thread - I tried, but there was no edit option. To be honest, I was only poking fun at Markl re: his obsession with you know who....didn't see anything wrong with it. Oh well.

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