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    Noob gives back

    Hello everyone. Looong time lurker and I have been on a binge lately so I figured I may as well lend a hand and post a few reviews. I would have sooner but didn't want to get stamped as a you know what so I remained quiet.

    Anyways my recent travels have taken me all over the city and while I'm working I figured I may as well have some fun too. SO here goes.....

    One thing you must know about me, I am not cheap but when it comes to this hobby, I find the less I spend the more I can get in quantity and not quality...sometimes... Also I do all my contacting thru email. I share a work phone and after a few babeboo incidents of texting AND calling asking for me I decided that it was best to email till I knew the girls I am contacting are discreet.

    I stopped by a studio on 124st and 107 ave, forget name but this location has changed a few times over the years so who knows now. Besides this is more a humerous story than a review, but I had to tell someone. I walk in at shift change and am looking for a quickie as I have someplace to be in 45 mins downtown but felt that urge to see an MP. I am greeted by a blonde girl in jeans and a white top. She says she is leaving but "Demi" would be starting soon. I ask what she looks like and I quote, "she looks alot like Demi Moore, hence the name". I figure heck I cannot lose. A few mins later a knock at the door and I expect Demi Moore, but in walks Roger Moore. I make up a story about having to leave asap and left. Not exactly a bait n switch but lets be a little more accurate next time.

    I worked downtown a bit so I decided to call a girl on CL, (I know I know) by the name of Roxy. Decent pics and had nice boobs so I figure why not. Well I am glad I went. Great attitude, very safe, very clean, all the extras you could want and imho she was/is hot. I saw her a few times and always left with a smile on my face. I would repeat but I am never downtown anymore, maybe one of these days I will venture forth...

    I then moved on to Christine Red, also out of CL. Good location, she is a bit older than I expected but she loves to please. Again very safe and clean. Not big on extras but I was just there for a quickie. Price was below avg rate so thats why I contacted her. All in all a good time, will repeat if she ever replies to emails.

    Next up was a girl that advertises her 15/30/45 and 1 hour specials now and again. She looks nothing like the pics, but I think it is a privacy issue for her. GREAT body, nice boobs and very tight(apparently I am not the only one that thinks that, she commented that a few guys have told her that. Dam and here I thought my manlyhood was impressive ) Anyways again very good price. Decent place. I saw her a few times and then one day I noticed a few pairs of shoes around that were not her size. I am a curious person so I asked if she was attached and she said yes. No biggie. Then I come to find out he is a bodybuilder and some MMA fighter so al I can think about is getting my ass kicked by Mr. Invinceable. So after I blow my load we say our good byes and I book it. Not that I am a small person and can handle my own, but one never wants to get caught with his pants down yes??? Well needless to say I have not been back for the fact I like my bones NOT broken.

    Next up I saw a girl, forget name, but she lived in a house off whyte and 91st. Run down place. In fact as I pulled up 2 guys were leaving her place and when I asked if they were early she said oh no I am selling a snowmobile. A few more questions at the door and I come to find out she has just moved to Edmonton, like in the last 2 days. I than ask how did her snowmobile get here and she said oh forget that, got my money?? Too many red flags went up so I booked it. Wasnt that hard to fold my pocket kings as she was not decent to look at anyways. Maybe I missed a jem but as I say didn't seem right so I walked.

    Finally I recently went to some asian MP on 76 ave and about 95 ave. As per usual not very fluent in English but she understood what I wanted, the price was bang on for this type of place so I stayed. Good time, very clean but what got me is everytime I leave an asian girl or MP, I feel like I was expecting more. Maybe the no talking thing gets me as I like to yap a bit about my day, the SPs day and just general getting to know you before we do our business.

    My future is a few girls at Temptations, Sonia and Deanne have peaked my interest and one that has caught my eye at 50th street, I do not know her name though . I know a bit more upper class than what I am used to but maybe this will get me to the big leagues. I'll see how this post goes and if favorable I will post more.

    Happy pooning all...sorry to ramble one.


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    Let me be the first to honour you with the "SHILL!!!!" label.


    No hard feelings eh?

    Edit, ok, now that I've read your post, I realize my comment makes no fucking sense whatsoever, but I'll leave it up for the hell of it.

    Fear rules all!

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    Interesting little tidbits deepvoicer. When I started out I went to the lower end MP's and saw a fair amount of CL girls and had a great time of it. I still visit some lower end MP's and CL girls as I like them with a bit of an edge. You can truly find some nice gems out there if you are willing to do your homework. You can still find it for a brown and a red and have a good time with no worries, you just have to look around.

    Nice mini reviews, hope to see more of them in the future.

    wet_suit_ one...........maybe too much meds today?

    Living amongst the trolls.

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    Yes Deepvoicer. I want to try Sonia at Temptations as well.

    Kitty Kaxton on CL was one who I tried. bbbj, daty, dfk, mish and greek.

    She was very pretty, great figure, average to small boobs. All this for two browns over a 45 min span.

    I've only had one spa experience. That was at Temptations. It was a good experience.

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