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Thread: Goth or alt providers

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    Goth or alt providers

    Does anyone know if there are any goth looking ( dark hair, pale skin etc..) providers in the Edmonton area, or anyone that like to do that look from time to time?

    It seems like a difficult look to find..

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    Megan at Revive might be best bet.

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    I don't think Kittie's at Revive anymore. She's not on the schedule and she's not listed on the staff page. Unless she's doing it by appointment only.

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    There is a Goth girl with pics advertising on Escort me .com
    Don't let age and looks get in the way of good sex!!!

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    check out haven at platinum club.
    I specialize in Dom/sub, fetishes, and toys . First month in the SP business! look forward to meeting you!

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