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    brianna 5229

    Brianna cl 5229, just wondering if anyone has ventured out to see this sp.

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    I plan on seeing her soon. I'll let you know.

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    I've been hemming and hawwing on this one also...

    gave her a exploratory call yesterday...

    very pleasant and patient on the phone...

    quoted 180/220...

    asked her if the photos were accurate, she says yes...

    may be worth a preliminary investment of $180 and than go from there...

    gorgeous photos...

    almost to good to be true...

    still hemming and hawwing...

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    OK Shit

    I will TOFFT today,,,

    wish me luck!

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    has anyone seen her?

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    Hmmm the picture looks "stolen", but tin eye reveals nothing. Could be legit....

    any updates?

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    pic kinda looks like pornstar michelle b.

    "I'm Idaho" - Ralph Wiggum

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    Pictures are real... but heavily photoshopped. She is really slim, and huge fake boobs. Heavy smoker. Great stomach and abs though.

    Nothing to write home about for me.

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    I agree with Peter she is very slim and has a great rack

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    Yes i agree with you guys. I tried her a couple weeks back. Nice enough girl but just not my cup of tea.

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