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Thread: Anyone remember Mariah or Willow

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    Anyone remember Mariah or Willow

    These girls worked for CL about a year ago. Anyone recall them or know where they are now?

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    both retired

    They were widely viewed as great ladies. Mariah came and left a couple of times, and now seems to be gone for good, and Willow retired after her last CC tour here earlier this year.


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    hey reddog,

    not sure about the willow that you are referring to but, there is a 'willow' or su-cen that is listed on escorts canada website. i've seen her and her service is good if you don't mind the regular restrictions.... no bbbj, dfk and greek! Looks... about a 6 or maybe 7! She worked at one of those mp's before....
    Getting Older & Wiser???

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    Are any of those reviews still around?
    Any suggestions for current women who have similiar qualitiies?

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    Search TBD Van for "willow" and/or "mariah" over 180 days and you should get some detail. Also believe there are a few posted in the TBD database

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    no luck

    No luck finding anything at TBD...though I may not be searching right...anyone who knew either of these women have any comments or suggestions about similiar ladies?

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    Willow & Mariah

    I just did a 365 day search of message base and came up with 12 messages related to Willow from Feb-May 02. These include reviews by 2cums, blowhard, docholiday, nookiefevered, soopergrizz & kozmo

    Similarily, there are three messages related to Mariah from March through May 02 with reviews from luke stone & jsaint69.

    Hope this meets your needs. If you wish to further determine their disposition, suggest contact Viki at Classy Ladies . . . she may have updated info on their disposition. Last I heard about Willow, she was planning a trip to Motherhood!

    Seasons Greetings.

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