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    Question ISO: Stacey from Five Star

    I used to see Stacey from Five Star Escorts on Broadway near Main Street a couple of years back. When they shut down, I lost track of her...just wondering if anyone out there happen to know where she went and if she is still in the business. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I heard from another gal that Stacy rarely works these days. I recall her saying she's out in the valley and comes in once a week. Sorry. don't recall name of place. Her older sister is Tracy, a real cutie, also blonde. who used to work at Swedish Touch and Blossoms on Kingsway. Now married and retired. Tracy was much nicer than Stacy, close to a 10 in looks. Katie on HN looks like Stacy.

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    Hey Shank,

    Thanks for the reply. Actually, I started seeing Tracy when she used to work near Rupert and 27th. I agree, she was definitely a 10 in looks. When she got married and left the business, that's when I started seeing Stacey. Stacey is a little taller, and because of her height, seemed a 'little' slimmer than Tracy. I enjoyed her company very much even though she had some rules. She had that girl next door look.

    BTW, if you remember the place that Stacey is working at once a week, pleasssse let me know. I will in the meantime check out your recommendation.


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    Not Eva Joy? She was over 50 but in great shape and a gfe. Place is long gone but I heard has re-opened in Richmond? Eva Joy retired about a year ago.

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