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Thread: Searching for fantasy/roleplay and...

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    Searching for fantasy/roleplay and...

    escort(s) who provide one of a schoolgirl type fantasy roleplay

    fairly interactive get into it duos...

    i've searched around for it but esp. with the first its a toughie to find ... would appreciate any advice, thanks all!

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    sghoolgirl fantasy

    Though I understand that she is a bit difficult to get ahold of-Kalifornia Kate and I had a wild time a couple of years back with the schoolgirl scenario. She really got into it and seemed to enjoy it. I remember her at the beginning of the date sucking on a popcicle and telling me her mother might be home at any moment-she had me peeking out the window in fear of her mother arriving.

    If you can get ahold of her give her a try-she is a really good actress

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    Lightbulb Re...Did Mom show up?????

    Hey yoniluvrca....

    You just gave me a great idea!!!!

    School girl fantasy scenerio .... and then Mom shows up....think about it over Christmas while visions of sugar plumbs dance in your head. Save your pennies.

    I think someone's going to get a spanking...and a lesson on how to do it right... ;-)

    Just thought I would leave the board a little something to ponder over the Holidays.

    OK....I am out of here until the New Year.

    Be nice and be safe. Good manners are free and being rude will eventually cost you.

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