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Thread: to russia with love !

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    to russia with love !

    Anybody try this place out? , they advertise in the province i gave them a call and the phone lady said they have mostly russian girls working there , there number is 604-709-8078

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    Just wondering if they have a website.

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    To russia with love...


    Check out this website...

    This is the place you are refering to in your post. They have two or three attendants on hand, but the website is out of date and I have not met any of those women there, although I have been there several times over the past year.

    For the most part I have been quite satisfied with the service there, and I might recommend Lola L(8)/A(8)/S(8)if she is still working there. Been several months since I attended this place. The website has the correct address and the phone number is the same as quoted in this thread.

    All Russian women is pretty accurate. I have never met any Asian women there.

    They offer massage with FS, but things are quite DFK, CBJ, but a good massage and for the most part nice and friendly...YMMV

    As I recall two browns and a purple for an hour up front. Rooms are clean and some have showers.

    Actually there seems to only two attendants at any one time from my experience so if you dont get an answer....they are likely busy.

    Hope this helps


    Happy Holidays....I am going to be absent from posting on this board till the New Year. Later......
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    hey thanks. I have read other threads that this place need a face lift. Oh well, But after you feedback I would gladly go over and check it out. But I can't at the moment. I'm in probation for a year so if you want my feed back It would be till after summer of 2003 lol but thanks

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    I thought the girls there were disgusting for the money.......and the one girl told me they don't do laundry after every session.....stay away for that amount of $$$$$

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