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    [email protected] Vu

    I have to admit Deja Vu is definetly my fave MP. Mainly because of the 4 girls I have seen there 2 of them are my faves for different things, and the other 2 were absolutly wonerful.
    I saw Mona a while back, however did not get around to putting up a review, was sure I had.
    She is a little older then the other girls, however she is by no means old, she is very sexy. Had a body shampoo and FS and both were great. She was really attentive and though the extras werent really there in my opinion..

    Its a shame See magazine dose not do awards for the best MP in edmonton, because Deja Vu would win.

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    Have seen Mona a number of times. Quite petite with a very sexy, exotic accent. Great figure, all natural, nothing enhanced. Very relaxed, slow sensual teasing massage. Have had FS in a number of positions. Everything covered, no DATY. Interesting cool down afterwards, with no rush to get to the shower. A bit pricier than most. Will definitely see her again.

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