Sunday is characteristically a bit of a dry spell for MP but my back was aching and I had a bit of toxic sperm buildup, so I called E & R to see who was working.

My favourites (Megan and Nikita, former much more than the latter) weren't around so the phone girl suggested Sophie--- "Petite, with a C-cup. Big blue eyes and honey-blonde hair". I always take their descriptions with a large grain of salt and am actually entertained by the descrepancy. Although the tendency is for embellishment in the girl's favour, in Megan's case they actually undercalled her!

Well, when I arrived (at the new Speed Ave location), she was there on time. First impression wasn't good. She looked plain and anemic and talked in a monotone while staring at the floor. You definitely wouldn't give her a second glance on the street if you saw her. Got the definite impression she didn't want to be there. Sniffing and coughing constantly (turned out to be allergies-- not her fault) which is a bit distracting.

In the room and the wrapements off, things improved. Not an ounce of fat on her and reasonably nice knockers. Then a great surprise--- I was expecting a lacklustre massage and release consist with her crappy enthusiasm at the door. But no!

Superb quality massage, I'd say 9/10. Strong hands with a deep tissue component but erotic as well-- she mixes up the two styles seemlessly. She rubs her body all over you and it's tres nice. As for the finale/HJ, she knows how to do it, and do it very well. Don't know about FS/BJ etc.

I asked for an hour and we were done in 30 minutes but I didn't notice until I got back to my car. Would repeat but book 30 minutes to get value for the $. Probably wouldn't get body slide, however and I think this is worth the extra $. As I was leaving I noticed a cute blonde provider sitting watching TV (not Nikita) and wondered who she was.

The new location is better than the last-- the rooms don't smell and are more sound proof. You just knock on the door and the girl takes you right in. The neighbourhood is awful. I don't park on the street there-- just park in the Mayfair shopping mall parking lot and walk about 5 minutes.

have fun and let me know if you find out who the blondie be...