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Thread: HOLY CRAP (playboy centerfold)

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    HOLY CRAP (playboy centerfold)

    Just had someone send me a picture of this girl visiting VANCOUVER till thursday and I can't believe my luck a playboy centerfold model she came to do a private dance for me and she has the most perfect body around and huge boobs, she gave me some great extras and wasn't hard to talk into it, best oral I've had to date. best looking girl I've had in this city. I paid 700$ for 2 1/2 hours and I was in heaven anyone want to see the picture I took or her number email me at
    [email protected]

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    can you tell us more about her !

    Contact info , age , restrictions , etc,

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    Angry Just a warning about neo's post

    If members on this board check out you will find this SP under the new name of Valerie. She has changed her name for the third time. Aka Jena, then Chantelle, now Valerie ( with some new pics). Check out my post on Neighborhood watch and I suspect this is the same SP under an new name and a new website format for

    Prove me wrong. If I am wrong I will delete this post.

    Her add reads the following:

    Reward yourself with a striptease, lap dance or whatever it is you desire. Act out all your wildest fantasies with me and experience the finest adult entertainment Vancouver has to offer!
    Captivatingly beautiful Swimsuit Model. Great body, toned and tight, with stunning looks and emerald eyes. Pleasing to touch, playful and fun, with lots of energy and the best looking boobs! I'm a gorgeous blonde with an adoring smile, who's willing to go
    that extra mile ... to satisfy your every desire as your personal escort in Vancouver...

    $200 (minimum)

    Phone 604 720 5646

    Pleasing to the touch...that's a good one. I wasn't allowed to touch her...anywhere. Two condoms and one postion. I waisted close to $400 dollars for a one hour session. Embarassed to admit it but I did.

    The number is different (correction from my original post, I checked my previous post in Sept 02). But I am sure this is the same SP. Very high priced. The rate $200 (minumum) is just that. It gets you in the door and everything else is extra. You can easily get sucked into spending close to $400 an hour if your prick does your thinking for you. She is not new from California as neo suggests or as Big..whatever suggested. She has been in Vancouver since at least September, when she changed her name because of a bad review. As I said, I believe this is the third time she has changed her name. RED FLAG. Ya she is a stunner, but if it the same SP under her new name, she will milk your wallet for a very rushed service. Hopefully her service and attitude has improved.

    Don't make the same mistake I did unless you want to waiste your hard earned cash. To be avoided IMHO. What she implied on the phone is not what I got. BIG WARNING...

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    Thumbs down she has a great body

    but since it's so great we can see it's the same jena/chantelle/valerie. come on, don't you think we can figure it out? sheesh. imho, just stating a fixed fs price is better than the rips she has been trying to do.

    'nuff said.

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    it's the same girl

    point is: same girl. she went from jena then got bigger implants and renamed herself chantelle. exposed by bobsled and me. since renamed valerie. hope you get it now. stay away...

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    Angry I concur... see my post above...

    Wish I hadn't seen her.

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