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Thread: East Indian SP Providers???

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    East Indian SP Providers???

    I've always wanted to try a East Indian Sp Provider. But I dont know where to look. I'm very picky and want someone extremely young in her early 20's. Maybe somebody here can help me out and give me a description,phone number, or webpage addy of a sp provider.

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    Found this: for Shivani

    I've never seen her but she has about 7 reviews on TER with performance ratings from 6 up to 9. Perhaps someone here can give you a review. If you do a search on PERB (top right corner button) several postings come up.

    BTW, can you post a good review on Paris from CC other than just a 1 liner? Your bad reviews are quite detailed which is good. You like Bridget but Lee at CC will rock you! So will Jenny but it's too late now.
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