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Thread: "X-Mas" Specials ?

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    Question "X-Mas" Specials ?

    The Edmonton Sun ad have at least a couple of MPs advertising a "X-Mas" special. Out of curiousity, I called and both said the same thing. "each of the ladies has their own special".

    I was figuring like a free sauna or something like that obiviously this is not the case. Any of you go and partake in the "x-mas" specials being currently advertised by Kama Sutra and Ambrosia?
    Are they just scams or is there some value?

    Inquiring minds.....

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    If they say "ask the ladies" then its usually a scam.
    However I would like to see the girls dress up in those sexy female Santa out fits with the mini skirts and stockings.
    That would be special.
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