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Thread: Who's the best SP provider?

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    Who's the best SP provider?

    My favourite SP provider is Bridget who advertises in the West Ender. Bridget has this a scar on her stomach but overall looks and attitude is there. Probably the closes to GFE i've had coming from a service provider. I'm waiting to have a session with Kaylee ...heard she's wonderful also. Just that it's close to Christmas and my relatives are coming out of town. Dont really have time lately. My question to all of you is who's the best Sp provider you've seen? I'm always looking because there arent that many good SP providers in town.

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    you are kidding right?

    Hey LAG,
    It is hard to give an answer to your question. Everyones tastes are different. Do your homework, read reviews. Use the search function to find SPs who provide the looks and type of service you want. Vancouver is blessed with many fine SPs. Also share your intel. You mention a few ladies that you have seen in your posts but you do not give any details, contact info ect.

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    best sp in vancouver

    she is a girl named taylor and she gave me a bj that blew my mind, she can be a little pricey but if your like me and into pamela anderson lookalikes and a serious body with big boobs, then there is no doubt. [email protected]
    for number and picture I took thursday

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