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Thread: You get what you pay for..... most of the time

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    You get what you pay for..... most of the time

    It's amazing how pooners always bitch and complain about high prices. First off, let me say that there are some rip-off artists out there who use bait & switch tatics and other means to cheat men out of their money. But when guys start complaining about how sp's charges high fees, well, you guys gotta face reality. If you want a nice looking, great service sp, then you gotta shell out the bucks. You migth find that diamond in the rough, but when that sp becomes known, you're guaranteed a rate hike.

    and if you're going to pay low rates, you sorta know what to expect, right? or are you just so ignorant that you expect liz hurley at bargain prices, then bitch that you get someone like barbara bush. sometimes people's fantasies cloud their realities and when that happens, all the shite hits the fan.

    like any wise investment, do your due dilligence before putting down your cash. if your spidey senses go off, listen to them 'cause they're usually right. when an sp says they're 26, they're actually 33. if you see 5'4, 36c-34-36, they're going to be a little on the pudggy side in reality. if you are not allowed to see a line-up, then take your business elsewhere.

    you take 10 minutes to decide which $20 entre you want, yet take less than 30 seconds to put down 200 when you see a line-up.

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    True. just like cars. why do people still buy bmw when they cna buy hodna or toyota at cheaper rates. same thing like sp's

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    escorts & cars (my 2 cents)

    You get what you pay for. To me, it's a perception of value. bmw/mercedes vs honda/toyota. hot looking escort/skank. You can get to your destination either way (of course watch the rips) but sometimes, it's how you get there (stepping off the zen soapbox).

    I've always been a honda guy that is until my current car. (To make a long story short, acura got me p.o.'d after failing to deliver the car I ordered from the factory. bmw was more than willing to deliver exactly what I ordered. I paid US$10k more but now have a car that can go to the track and not need a lot of performance mods.) And sometimes you discover there is more to a car than just driving sedately on going to the track to see how engineering really makes a difference (btw, for stock cars, there's nothing like a porsche). Just like buying a SUV when you need a simple commuter car.

    When talking about Providers, the combination of looks and performance is what I'm into. Getting a cup doesn't mean I have to drink Jose 1800 when I prefer Patron Gold.

    Would I like to find a great Provider that is cheap? Sure.
    Would you take a Porsche GT2 for a Honda price? Sure.

    Just be sure you are not paying a Porsche price for a Yugo.

    Have fun and figure out what you are willing to pay for and how much, BEFORE you go...

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    you got that right peisme. i've actually been burned once by a hot looking sp in a popular downtown mp(without mentioning the name i'm sure you guys know where it is) who demand a lot of money upfront and once she got her hands on my money her attiude changed 180 degrees. she was rude,unfriendly and a total rush. she would only do 1 position which she just laid there like a sack of potatoes. no bj, no daty, no touching anywhere. i felt ripped off. complain to the management said nothing they could do but made the girl paid me back my 50 bucks out of the 300 bucks tips on top of the room fee. sure i'd love to get a porche or even ferrari with the price of a honda. like get an sp who looks like darion with tailor's attitude and pay only 100bucks. where can i find that sp. please let me know if anyone could find me this person.

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    More details...

    Hey Johndoe,

    How long ago was your bad experience? Not everyone on the board may be familiar with this MP or the person you were with.

    If it was that bad an experience it would be nice if you gave the board some more details and save us all from falling into the same trap.

    Suggesting you post on Neighborhood watch.

    Be nice and be safe. Good manners are free and being rude will eventually cost you.

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    it was a few mths ago and actually it was at cleos on richard st. the sp which i purposely do not want to remember the name was a tall shoulder lenght wavy blonde hair with tan skin and fake tits and early20's i say. actually i forgot to mention on my last post that the management did give me a gift certificate for the room fee for the next time i co back there. they if i'm going back there. no fucking way.

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