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Thread: classy's new place?

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    classy's new place?

    Just wondering if anyone has been to classy's new location? Is there is a bit more privacy than the last place? I've been a little hesitant to go to them for a bit because of the description of their last place. Hoping that the new one is better cause I am dying to see Kayla and Melody. Hmm Kayla or Melody Kayla or Melody.. aw what the hell why not both!! Feel free to PM me if you are more comfortable that way.


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    Wow 168 people have viewed this and not ONE of them has been there yet??? Guess I'll just have to dive in and find out for myself

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    Classy's latest incarnation of "New Digs" is on the east side, much closer to downtown. Multiple entrances and rooms, lots of discreet parking nearby, it's in a fairly busy area. The rooms are smallish, but the walls are thick enough that you don't have to listen to the chatter in the TV room, and they don't have to listen to you.

    Shouldn't piss off the neighbours like the last couple of houses apparently did. It also beats hell out of the industrial area office with the thin walls.

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    Glad to see some other people are trying the new location. I noted they had moved and posted a comment and the only replys were from two people who knocked it and never even visted them.

    I was in a back room wth Terran and we had no problems with noise or other customers. But than it was a new location. Terran said they will soon have the whole house which should give plenty of room. She did say there were rooms in the basement which can be noisy from when peole walk around on the first floor.

    It is easy to get to and within easy walking from Douglas street.

    I would go to them before going to Suduction unless I knew the big room was available.


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